Friday, December 31, 2010

Mid Season Update

Wrestling season is in full swing currently.  You are starting to see the teams who are going to be sending the most kids to state and the teams who aren't going to be sending any kids to state, this is the time of year where you need to make sure your equipment is in its best working condition.  By this time the kids who are going to be going to state are usually those who have been wrestling the most and the hardest, and usually the result of that is your headgear starts to fall a part your shoes have usually taken a pretty good beating. There are always ways to keep your gear in good condition but those preventives only last so long when your wrestling 20-30 matches a season. Most people would not go out and buy a new pair of shoes halfway to three quarters of the way through the season, but let me tell you from experience it makes all the difference.  The last thing you want is your shoes to be falling apart in what could be a very important match for you to make it to the post season or you might not make it. Now I'm not saying that your post season hinges on your equipment holding together but I'm sure if your at states and your stuff starts falling a part your gonna ask your self should i of had this replaced sooner.  So i leave you with this be sure to check your stuff before and after matches as it could prevent you from running into a problem right now or 2 months from now.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Right Shoe For You.

How To Buy Wrestling Shoes:

If you're buying shoes for the first time or replacing an old pair this article will ensure you get the most from your purchase.
The first step is to establish the size you need.  Each manufacturer has different recommendations.  Most wrestling shoes now run true to size, but they tend to run narrow.  So, If you have a wide foot you may have to move up a half size.  For younger wrestlers you should probably add a full size to their normal shoe size.  This way their shoes will last longer, especially if your son or daughter is growing quickly. However, if your wrestler is an elite athlete, it's important that shoe's aren't to big.  Most shoe will stretch after a couple of practices.  So if you find that the shoes are to tight, don't wear them to practice as most retailers won't let you replace worn shoes.

Next, you need to determine your budget most wrestling shoes range from $40 to well over $100.  If you're not sure whether your son or daughter will stay in the sport long enough to get the full value from the shoes, it's best to go with the cheaper shoe, (especially if the wrestler is a rookie).  If your budget is tight you can also buy a pair of used shoes from a older wrestler.  Generally, the more expensive shoes are lighter and more comfortable but are not necessarily more durable.

Once you've determined your budget, you'll need to consider the colors your wrestler will want.  Manufacturers including Adidas, Asics, offer a wide variety of colors.  The color you choose is entirely up to you.

The next step is determine whether you want a split sole or a non split sole.  Most manufacturers offer split sole wrestling shoes.  Asics offer both split sole and single sole wrestling shoes.  The split sole or single sole debate is entirely up to you.  Generally the split sole shoes cost more, are most comfortable and provide better traction on the mat.

Finally your last option is to choose the brand.  Adidas, and Asics have been manufacturing shoes for many years have have the best following with elite wrestlers.  In many cases your wrestler will get 1-2 years out of these shoes.  Elite wrestlers will likely get a good year from a pair of shoes depending on how much time they spend on the mat throughout the year.  Obviously, like running shoes, the more they wrestle, the more often you'll need to replace the shoes.
If you're still unsure which shoe to buy, try asking those around you who have been wrestling  for a while.  Sometimes the best recommendation will come from someone you know or ask your coach.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wrestling Season

The wrestling season is upon us, and we have started gearing up for it from wrestling shoes to headgear, to singlets its all available. So far this season as usual our top selling head gear is the Cliff Keen Signature,the new Asics Aggressor headgear and the Adidas Adizero headgear, the three of these headgear come in a wide variety of colors to match any ones uniform.

In this part im going to give you a little insight into this falls 3 limited edition wrestling shoes. The first one being, The Asics Aggressor LE which comes in 3 different limited edition colors. The colors that are available are as follows a red/white/blue flag design, a camouflage design and a black/red plaid design. The next shoe that was highly anticipated for this season was the Adidas Combat 4 wrestling shoe. This shoe also comes in a variety of colors the two most popular being the Red/White/blue, and the Emerald/Yellow/Pink. And finally the most recent of 3 limited edition shoes to come out this season was the Asics JB Elite wrestling shoes which come in 3 color ways. It comes in a Olympic Gold/Black, Red/White/Blue/Olympic Gold and Black/Olympic Gold color. These 3 shoes have been by far in the early going the 3 most popular styles of shoes on the market right now. That's all the updates i have for you today be sure to check out our website for the full line of wrestling gear for this season. whether your looking just for yourself or looking to outfit your team we have it all from headgear, knee pads to singlets, and shoes for all sizes you and adult.

Thanks Jordan