Friday, December 31, 2010

Mid Season Update

Wrestling season is in full swing currently.  You are starting to see the teams who are going to be sending the most kids to state and the teams who aren't going to be sending any kids to state, this is the time of year where you need to make sure your equipment is in its best working condition.  By this time the kids who are going to be going to state are usually those who have been wrestling the most and the hardest, and usually the result of that is your headgear starts to fall a part your shoes have usually taken a pretty good beating. There are always ways to keep your gear in good condition but those preventives only last so long when your wrestling 20-30 matches a season. Most people would not go out and buy a new pair of shoes halfway to three quarters of the way through the season, but let me tell you from experience it makes all the difference.  The last thing you want is your shoes to be falling apart in what could be a very important match for you to make it to the post season or you might not make it. Now I'm not saying that your post season hinges on your equipment holding together but I'm sure if your at states and your stuff starts falling a part your gonna ask your self should i of had this replaced sooner.  So i leave you with this be sure to check your stuff before and after matches as it could prevent you from running into a problem right now or 2 months from now.