Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Wrestling Season Update

The wrestling season is upon us, and we have started gearing up for it from wrestling shoes to headgear, to singlets its all available. So far this season as usual our top selling head gear is the Cliff Keen Signature.Which comes in vast variety of colors to suit anyone's team colors. The newest headgear to come on to the scene this year is the Asics Aggressor head gear which is similar to the Brute Quad III. The Aggressor comes in 6 different colors. The next newest headgear for us this year is the Adidas Adizero which in its self is a more of a modern look as compared to the signature headgear. The Adizero is available in 10 different colors.

In this part im going to give you a little insight into this falls 3 limited edition wrestling shoes. The first one being, The Asics Aggressor LE which comes in 3 different limited edition colors. The colors that are available are as follows a red/white/blue flag design, a camouflage design and a black/red plaid design. The next shoe that was highly anticipated for this season was the Adidas Combat 4 wrestling shoe. This shoe also comes in a variety of colors the two most popular being the Red/White/blue, and the Emerald/Yellow/Pink. And finally the most recent of 3 limited edition shoes to come out this season was the Asics JB Elite wrestling shoes which come in 3 color ways. It comes in a Olympic Gold/Black, Red/White/Blue/Olympic Gold and Black/Olympic Gold color. These 3 shoes have been by far in the early going the 3 most popular styles of shoes on the market right now. That's all the updates i have for you today be sure to check out our website for the full line of wrestling gear for this season. whether your looking just for yourself or looking to outfit your team we have it all from headgear, knee pads to singlets, and shoes for all sizes you and adult.

Thanks Jordan